Empire of Isolation

After over a year and half of remote work, remote school, today was one of the rare days I was left (with the exception of the cats) home alone. It was a vaguely familiar & beautiful isolation. I even stayed mostly clear of the single social media account I have. Lately, even that single account is a type of mental clutter I’ve grown intolerant of. It feels like being stuck in traffic with a couple people you love, a few strangers honking their horns and cursing, but mostly it’s filled with strangers looking straight ahead, just trying to get home. As crowded as it is, it leaves me feeling lonely.

Yet, I do like to drive. I like to travel and experience new places. I like to sing in the car or just think. Sometimes it’s hard to remember there are more hours in the day than rush hour.

I spent today revamping this website, updating accomplishments & revisiting old interviews, reviews, etc. This website, these little thoughts on the blog barely anyone will read, it feels like driving hours past sunset, nearly everyone asleep. I can drift in and out of lanes, speed up or drag delicious slow. Maybe I’ll find myself somewhere interesting. I have the whole road to myself.

Photo by Artem Saranin on Pexels.com


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