Awards & Honors


  • Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award, Floating Bridge Press, 2015
  • Paula Jones Gardiner Memorial Award, Floating Bridge Review, for the poem “Personal Ad #1 (Pairs Only Matter in Poker)” chosen by Kelli Russell Agodon, 2013
  • Twitter Fiction Contest, Superstition Review, 2012
  • Flash Fiction Prize, Blue Earth Review, for the flash piece “Autobiography, Autobiography” chosen by Roger Sheffers, 2011
  • Gulf Stream Poetry Award, Gulf Stream, for the poem “Boil” chosen by Denise Duhamel, 2011
  • Artsmith Literary Award, Artsmith, for the poem “Returning Home” chosen by Tina Schumann, 2011
  • Picture Worth 500 Words Contest, Issue 19, Tattoo Highway, for the poem “Fishing in the Time Stream,” 2009
  • George Henry Bridgman Poetry Prize Hamline University, for the poem “Cello as Lover,” 2001
  • Eliza A. Drew Prize in English for Best Short Story Hamline University, for the story “Origin of the Rainbow,” 2001


  • The Russell Prize, Two Sylvias Press, 2014
  • Zone 3 First Book Prize, Zone 3 Press, 2014
  • Fairy Tale Review Poetry Contest, Fairy Tale Review, 2014
  • Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award, Floating Bridge Press, 2014
  • Sonora Review Poetry Contest, Sonora Revew, 2014
  • Four Way Books Levis Prize, Four Way Books, 2013
  • OSU/The Journal Award for Poetry, Ohio State University Press, 2013
  • Cream City Review Annual Poetry Contest, cream city review, 2013
  • Four Way Books Intro Prize, Four Way Books, 2012
  • Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize Water~Stone Review, 2012
  • Third Coast Poetry Prize, Third Coast, 2012
  • Crab Creek Review Poetry Prize, Crab Creek Review, 2011
  • Many Mountains Moving Poetry Prize, Many Mountains Moving, 2011
  • Slapering Hol Chapbook Contest, Slapering Hol Press, 2011
  • 49th Parallel Award, Bellingham Review, 2011
  • Knightville Poetry Contest, The New Guard Literary Review, 2010
  • Artsmith Literary Award, Artsmith, 2009
  • New Works Competition, Richard Hugo House, chosen by Brian Turner, 2009
  • Crab Breek Review Poetry Contest, Crab Creek Review, 2008
  • Jane Kenyon Poetry Prize, Water~Stone Review, 2005
  • Children’s Fiction Contest, Writer’s Digest, 2001


  • Crab Orchard Series Open Book Competition, Southern Illinois University Press, 2014
  • Cutbank Chapbook Contest, Cutbank, 2013
  • Zone 3 First Book Prize, Zone 3 Press, 2012
  • Miller Williams Poetry Prize, University of Arkansas Press, 2011
  • Lyric Family Poetry Prize, Lyric Review, 2009


  • Devil’s Lake Journal, for the poem “Tsunami,” 2014
  • Barely South Review, for the poem “Between Panic & Desire the Blades of our Bodies,” 2014
  • Inch, for the poem “Portrait of my Father, Shirtless,” 2013
  • Bellingham Review, for the poem “Blessing of Scabs,” 2012
  • Southern Indiana Review, for the poem “Life Sentence,” 2011
  • Crab Creek Review, for the poem “Inherited Music,” 2010
  • General Nomination, from Contributing Editor, 2009
  • Los Angeles Review, for the poem “After the War Parade, the Applause,” 2009