Often enough I hear people say a writer is simply someone who writes.

But, of course, this is only a partial truth. Being a writer, being an editor, all we are in the literary world, begins with being a reader. From reading we gain a better understanding of language, of emotion, of time. I have learned how easily one misplaced word can ruin a sentence or start an argument. No matter how we identify (reader, writer, editor) every word matters.

If a parent smiles at their baby, reflexively the child responds with one of their own. In the same way, when I read a line put together with such intelligent and emotional precision, I smile. I respond like a child to language rendered beautifully, and my attempt to create a similar expression is where my writing begins.

(W)holes is where I’ll share my current reading list as well as a list of favorites. (W)holes is where I house my Muse.