Blood Song

Honors & Awards

2016 Coil Book Award (Finalist)

Julie Suk Award for Best Book of Poetry from an Independent or University Press (Longlist)

Advance praise for “Blood Song”

There is a radical nostalgia at the heart of “Blood Song,” a nostalgia that recovers the wounds of experience and brings it to a rich, imaginative culmination. In this way, the book’s title is profoundly apt: on the one hand, Michael Schmeltzer’s poems are about blood and the tragic consciousness that is the result of our being in time; on the other hand, the poems are about song, the reconciling artfulness that is the source of the best poetry. As one of Schmeltzer’s canny speakers says, “I know / better. I’m no better.” Equally unsettling and ravishing, “Blood Song” is a terrific debut. — Rick Barot author of “Chord”

Reviews & Previews

All bodies transform // to water and rubble / when confronted with water and rubble.

In other words we sift through the sad lives / of the tasteless, their grotesque // paintings of bald eagles and motorcycles
From her / this world, / this mangled sentence

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