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My Body Mourns, Limb by Limb, As I Recount Your Final Days

I’m happy to have one of my poems featured on the Crab Creek Review blog! It owes a debt to Kevin Young’s beautiful poems in his “Book of Hours.”  If you missed this book when it first came out, I highly recommend going back and remedying that. It is gorgeous.


I don’t know what hunger is for

or what to hunger for.


You can’t give me

any more anymore.


Read the rest of the poem here!



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Elegy/Elk River

After a lovely reading at the Hugo House here in Seattle, my chapbook “Elegy/Elk River” has been officially released in the wild! For more information on the book you can head over to Goodreads, Floating Bridge Press, or here on my website where you can order directly from me.

Thank you to everyone who has shown me support and encouragement!


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Of Course There is More After the End

Dear Merced,

There was once a small window, and out of this window there was the view of yellow flowers in a field, mountains jagging in the distance, white-capped. Sunlight. I am not the one who built this window, nor the one who found the view or sowed the flowers wild. I am not anyone important. I am only someone who saw out of this small window and for a time too brief thought “how beautiful,” like so many others. But now the window is gone. The field and flowers, mountains. Gone.

I wrote about you recently. Not under the guise of poetry as I sometimes do but in a way unguarded. I hope you don’t mind. I hope you already know everything I have to say. If you are in a place where there is more after the end, I hope you are well and taken care of.