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Spring and Bloom

It has been a while since I’ve written here. There have been so many wonderful things in my life I hardly know where to begin. I had the opportunity to work with (and sponsor) several wonderful, emerging writers in Washington. I read their chapbooks and offered comments, then we sent them along to a contest. I am excited for them and regardless of the outcome those writers should be proud of their work, their craft, and unique voices. Such different approaches to experience and poetry…it was rejuvenating. I’m currently a guest poetry editor for Tahoma Literary Review and again am stunned by the quality and generosity of the literary world. I’ve also been involved in several readings, one in Port Townsend, a wonderful place where deer just roam around and people walk by them like they’re not complete miracles.

And, perhaps most noticeably (to me at least), over the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to hold in my hands my very first full-length book of poetry. It has been a very exciting couple months and the attention has been overwhelming (I’m easily overwhelmed). With more readings and a trip to AWP in LA coming up I don’t see it slowing down. But whenever there is a quiet moment I meditate on this point of my life and am filled with gratitude. Here’s to your quiet moments as well.

Literary Citizenship Spotlight

Where Wisdom Crosses Crassness

If the literary world were somehow judged on wisdom, kindness, and sometimes crassness, I feel as though Jay Bates, Founder and Managing Editor of A River & Sound Review, would be a household name. Not many people can inspire me then two words later make me cringe quite like Jay.

Atticus Review recently posted an interview (conducted by the generous writer Jan Bowman) with Jay and yours truly. I hope you take the time to read what he had to say. Whether he is being interviewed about the journal or giving a graduation speech to high school seniors, Jay puts the most regal notions in a jester’s garb.

He is one of the great ones.

Literary Citizenship

Under the umbrella together, here in this heavy rain

Thanks to advice from my dear friend and writer Meghan McClure (and with her assistance), I’ve decided to start this website. There will be updates on writing: others, my own. And I hope to give attention to works worthwhile. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like what you read.