Singing, Signing, and Some New Work

Here I am, nearly singing, after signing a contract with Two Sylvias Press, a local press doing some tremendous things. Yes, I’m publishing my very first full-length collection of poems, and I couldn’t be happier.


Not only that but I’ve some new flash fiction pieces up at New South Journal and Wyvern Lit. It has been a busy but wonderful summer. Be well and write well, friends.

Literary Citizenship Spotlight To Grow a Whisper

To Grow a Whisper: Justin Lawrence Daugherty

My third offering in “To Grow a Whisper,” my series of literary spotlights devoted to (mostly) emerging writers, is someone I’ve admired for quite some time. He is, in fact, the first person I actively decided to emulate on Twitter (good tweeters borrow, great tweeters steal.) His passion for literary advocacy and absolute sincerity won me over and continues to inspire. He is vulnerable, compassionate, and generous in the way you want any leader to be. And on top of that he’s exceptionally talented. Meet Justin Lawrence Daugherty, your new favorite writer.

If there are writers who pen hunger and desire as rapturously as Daugherty, I’ve yet to find them. His characters tear through the world with want, and every world he creates radiates with a fever-heat.