What Comes Next: A Statement on Payment

Recently, writer Jessica Piazza opened a conversation regarding payment in the literary world, specifically regarding poetry (head over to her site poetryhasvalue.com to see writers and editors weigh in.) She was kind enough to invite me to share my views. I sent her my post below; it is as much a statement on payment as it is my views on the role of editors in advocating for new writing.

What Comes Next: A Statement on Payment 

I hold two separate stances on the idea of payment that create a whole ideology. First, payment for my work means little to me as a poet. Second, payment for your work means a great deal to me as an editor.  (more…)

To Balance Silence and Sound

If a writer’s power begins in sound then an editor’s power begins in silence. What we say matters. What we omit matters.

But too often we see the blank page as the enemy, something to overcome, a wall that needs to be scaled or torn down. Whether we’re looking from a writer’s viewpoint or an editor’s, publication is given power, and that power is mostly deemed positive. Truth is the silence of the sheet can be a shield; it can soften a blow. Or it can be static, white noise to amplify the voices that need to be heard.

I often state it’s more important to be a good person than a good writer. Only recently did I apply this philosophy to my role as an editor. (more…)