Literary Citizenship Spotlight

Between Certainties: A Look at “To Fall” by Meghan McClure

In the beginning was the word.

Now tell me, in this my interactive retelling, are you the one who wrote the word or the one who read it?

Literary Citizenship Rejection Rounds

The Rejection Manifesto

For several years I’ve mulled over the idea of rejection. I’ve written hybrid lectures on it (one of them can be found here.) I’ve dug up the word to find the roots (Latin in origin, “a throwing back”). I have seen its myriad blossoms and handled its thorns.

Literary Citizenship

Under the umbrella together, here in this heavy rain

Thanks to advice from my dear friend and writer Meghan McClure (and with her assistance), I’ve decided to start this website. There will be updates on writing: others, my own. And I hope to give attention to works worthwhile. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you like what you read.