Occasionally, people ask me questions:

Noble/Gas Quarterly and their band of misfits not only published four of my poems, but conducted one of the most fun and flattering interviews I’ve ever had the honor of participating in. Read it here and tell me you aren’t completely charmed by them.

The generous writer Jan Bowman conducted an interview with me and Jay Bates about A River & Sound Review. The folks over at Atticus Review were kind enough to publish it despite Jay’s filthy mouth.

Kristy Webster over at Thursday Review asked me some questions. Some relevant (which poems still gives me goosebumps) and others not so much (my choice of underthings while writing). Want to know if I go commando? Sure you do. Find out here.

The fine folks over at Midwestern Gothic did me a great kindness by not only publishing my work, but giving me the space to discuss the Midwest, writing, and a few favorite things. Read the interview here.

The Review Review, a wonderful site promoting literary community and advocacy, was gracious enough to conduct an interview with several of us at A River & Sound Review. We were as classy as a tuxedo t-shirt.

The folks over at Duotrope, bless their hearts, allow just any editor to request an interview. So the amazingly talented writer and editor Meghan McClure helped me answer some questions.

Other times, I ask people questions:

The talented author of “Burn This House” and editor extraordinaire Kelly Davio had some wisdom to share here. Kelly once compared a book of poems to an album. Find out which “album” her debut collection would be!