Do You Feel It

Apéritifs: In the months leading up to the release of our book “A Single Throat Opens,” a collaborative lyric exploration of addiction, Meghan McClure and I will be compiling a playlist pairing songs with new writing to be enjoyed before the main course. Cheers, friends.

When we speak of rock bottom we speak of the climb back up. We don’t speak of how broken and bent we become upon impact.

Remember what you wrote me? (“I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to you.”) Knowing how it began, knowing how it ended, I hesitate to say I wouldn’t go back there again. Isn’t that one of the criteria for addiction? A willful undoing.

I gave my life to you as soon as I saw you, and I feel a certain pleasure in sacrificing it to you. A thousand times a day my sighs go out to you, seeking you everywhere…

Do you feel it? Wherever you are, still I sigh.



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