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Actions Speak Louder, and Words

Publication, more often than not, is a measure of longevity with talent as the understudy. We shouldn’t confuse approval with publication, publication with success. But there is of course sweetness in publication, to see your words in print or online. To know someone read it and said ‘yes.’

About two months ago I received a phone call from Floating Bridge Press, a Washington State press that focuses on local writers. After many years of submitting I am thrilled to say I have my own yes; I am honored to be the winner of the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award. My first book of poems, “Elegy/Elk River,” will be published in October 2015!

As excited as I am for this next step, I am equally excited for whatever increased visibility I can bring to traditionally underrepresented poets. This is where you come in. If you’re a traditionally underrepresented and emerging poet in Washington I want to help you achieve your yes. It isn’t enough to say I believe in diversity in literature; I want my actions to speak as loudly as my words. When the time comes I plan on paying for at least one poet’s contest entry for the Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Award. Not only that but I will also offer a full editorial critique of the chapbook the poet(s) plans on submitting. This way I not only continue supporting a local press I admire but can also encourage local poets, let them know someone sees them, someone believes in their longevity. And that someone is willing to put his money where his heart is.

(I’ll have more details for you in the future. If you’re interested contact me, follow this blog, or follow me on Twitter. Please help spread the word if you or someone you know lives in Washington and may be interested! Thank you!)

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