Literary Citizenship Spotlight

Poetry, Horror, and (Human) Nature: A Look at “Render / An Apocalypse” by Rebecca Gayle Howell

Good horror has a way of destabilizing my sense of security. After I watch a good horror flick, I am cautious around corners, jump at shadows. Great horror*, however, offers a lens I haven’t seen through, lends a profound doubt to my realities. In other words, it is my mind that feels the threat, not my body. 

Rebecca Gayle Howell’s debut poetry collection “Render / An Apocalypse” is a frightening and fantastic book. By using techniques found in the best horror, Howell allows us to view (human) nature in a new light.

Since I had the pleasure of reviewing the book for Cutbank (the full review can be found here) I won’t go in-depth on this site, but Howell is definitely an author worth paying attention to and reading.

*Fun fact: My favorite horror anything is “The Exorcist.” Read the book, listened to the audio book, and watched the movie all in the span of a couple weeks back when I was a teen. I’ve rewatched the movie several times over the years, and it still frightens me to this day.

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