Literary Citizenship Spotlight

Between Certainties: A Look at “To Fall” by Meghan McClure

In the beginning was the word.

Now tell me, in this my interactive retelling, are you the one who wrote the word or the one who read it? Personally, I want to be the reader more than the writer. To be the one moved, surprised, shaped by the word.

Meghan McClure is a reader first. But when she chooses that second option, the one where she herself creates a world, it is always a place of mystery, beautiful in its details and powerful in its thoughts. Often her thoughts are wrought (never to be mistaken for “rot” as her work does nothing but grow ripe, rich) with anxiety, fear, but when language is used with such care and attention, how can you deny it is inherently about devotion and love?

In her nonfiction piece “To Fall” over at Pithead Chapel she writes: “The act of being in between is frightening. Not here, but not there. You are not standing, but you aren’t face down on the floor.” Whether talking about tripping, a man jumping from a bridge, or about love, Meghan manages to write “between certainties” without losing her footing.

(For a list of other works by Meghan, visit here. You won’t be disappointed.)


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